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two for you

For my first post I’ve decided to share two of my favorite music-related blogs. These are both fairly popular in their respective fields of music. I check both on a semi-daily basis as both are consistent in uploading with new content.

Gorilla Vs. Bear


This particular blog has entered my daily repertoire because it was the first to introduce me to the particular music covered on the site and no other blog has done as good of a job introducing me to new bands that I love. They mainly focus on a brand of lo-fi indie that often boarders on psychedelic, but frequently branch off into hip-hop and remixes of said genres. They primarily post mp3s and youtubes of new music and recent live performances. In the years since discovering this site they have aided in unveiling some of my favorite new artists, including Wavves, Panda Bear, and Vivian Girls.

Little White Earbuds


This blog focuses on an entirely different genre of music, electronic, but is equal in helping me discover new and upcoming acts. The blog is filled with reviews of singles, EPs, and full length LPs, and each review contains a full track available for stream. They also post monthly charts, highlighting the writer’s favorite tracks of the moment. The heart of the blog lies within their podcasts, in which they commission world renowned DJ’s to produce exclusive mixes. One of their better, recent podcasts comes from Peter Van Hoesen, who has been taking the electronic world by storm over the recent months with his Berlin-style of pounding techno featuring a hint of dub. His entire mix is composed of his original productions.

I have linked both blogs at the bottom of my page for future reference. Also linked is my other blog, blog, sweat, and tears, which focuses on local Amherst happenings.


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My name is Michael Walsh. I am a senior Journalism student at UMass Amherst. This blog has been created for me to share some of my work and stuff I’ve been digging lately with all of you. The primary focus is on the world of performing arts. Enjoy!

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